Importance of Technical Indicators

More significant help in trading activities in the Forex market have technical indicators. A technical indicator is a special program to download any actual Forex broker and designed for the formation of certain trade signals in technical analysis of the selected chart currency in which it is integrated.

And most essential – automatic trading advisor is the most complicated Forex program, so be sure to download it from a trusted source, or better yet buy authoring (but again have proven the author), this program allows all trade in automatic mode. Many trading advisors even allow traders not quite prepared for a long time to carry out a successful trade transaction, reducing the likelihood of losses to a minimum.

Today, trading in the foreign exchange market, fewer traders rely solely on their own intuition. Most traders, developing your own trading strategies, more trusted special programs, especially those that allow thoroughly analyze market trends and promptly make the necessary signals. For inexperienced traders not yet able to independently predict changes in currency rates, perhaps just download enough reliable Forex program and debug, you want to have the best brokers, provides an opportunity to successful transactions.

There are different opinions about electronic advisers, but the reality shows that the future of currency in constant increasing computerization. The only thing that hinders this process is the factor that there is a high probability that Forex software downloaded from substandard sources is absolutely unworkable.

We must understand that any Forex software download or buy, which today can be on the Internet without any problems must integrate harmoniously with the overall trading strategy and his indispensable assistant, and perhaps even the breadwinner.

Should be clearly understood that any Forex trend exists until the appearance of sharp signals, it is a truism all trending. Beginners should refrain from transactions against the current trend, let Forex program will be your faithful friend.

Forex Indicators

Constantly improving all components of the foreign exchange market, including Forex indicators – a special code that is used by many participants of currency trading to facilitate trading decisions. Best Forex indicators allow traders time to pay attention to the fundamental changes occurring in the foreign exchange market in a timely manner and start trading .

Especially the best Forex indicators to help beginners that does not have sufficient experience in conducting trade and learn how to identify possible changes in currency rates, thereby greatly facilitating trade in the foreign exchange market. After all, inexperienced traders do not have enough experience for the independent analysis of the graphs of the currency pairs, which is especially important in real trading, where any transformation in the foreign exchange market, it is necessary to predict in advance.

Increase earnings and reduce trading losses help traders best Forex indicators they use in real trading. Leading trading activity in the foreign exchange market, the best traders are constantly studying the latest financial news and improve their skills, while constantly creating your own trading strategies, often using the best Forex indicators and other current information that appears on the market Forex. Using the best Forex indicators, traders much easier, and in most cases, and is much more accurate accepts certain trading decisions often have a significant effect on the profitability of the trading activity.

The best Forex indicators – these are the special prompter, based on calculations and giving special (with the right application) the ability to anticipate future changes in currency rates and more accurate form a trading strategy.

The best Forex indicators are very diverse. There are even indicators, able as advisors Forex trading decisions independently, but it should be noted that the best Forex indicators are quite expensive.

Gold Trading Via The Internet

Whereas previously the gold trade was possible only in the usual form of direct sales, with the development of computer technology, a new opportunity – international trade gold through the Internet. What has caused great interest not only for investors, but even ordinary citizens who used to use gold for speculation is not possible.

Since ancient times people were valued gold. It is one of the most popular and sought-after materials that make a lot of jewelry. But if one is interesting as gold jewelery, for others it’s a great tool for speculation.

Gold trading at all times was considered sufficiently profitable. Typically, gold always appreciates in value over a long time period, so these metal traders will always remain in the black. If, for example, food can go bad and bring losses to the enterprise, the gold, rather the opposite.

Do not fall in the price of gold and crises. The fact is that when the stock market is suffering and currency markets, many investors withdraw their money and invest in gold. Demand increases, the price has been steadily growing.

Periods of decline in gold prices are, but this is a temporary phenomenon. Typically, it takes place against the background of the formation of the housekeeper, when investors are, what to invest, “gold money”. But even with a stable environment for long periods of gold still continues its upward trend, bringing profits to owners and confidence.

Leverage, margin trading gave a major boost to the development of this area. The minimum deposit for transactions with gold quite miserable and can amount to a few dollars. After all, with a stock of $5 with leverage one to two hundred, the trader makes a trade as if its management thousand dollars, you can buy quite a lot of gold.

Predict Currency Trading

Almost everyone wants to now have the opportunity to profit from currency fluctuations. This does not necessarily go in exchange offices or seek private money changers. Enough to have a computer connected to the World Wide Web, special software and a deposit. By the way, the last point many seem very difficult. People think that currency trading need a big starting capital. Each year, the minimum amount decreased, and now almost reached the minimum. There are dealing centers, which allow to trade, if the deposit is only a few dollars.

But whatever the deposit and other terms of trade are, we should not forget about the most important, namely the analysis of the behavior of the currency pair. After all, how well it is made, will depend on the final result. However, it should be noted that if the lame trading psychology and money management rules, you can fail even with the most correct predictions. However, even if they are lame, you should always strive to forecast Forex rates that were the most effective.

Trades in the foreign exchange market – is an integral part of the shopping process. Some beginners mistakenly believe that a professional trader – a person who does not make mistakes. But in fact, any trader has failed transaction. And a professional – is someone who, in spite of the losses, is still the winner. This should be aware of all the newcomers, otherwise they risk being in a situation when they try to get rid of the damages and for that too complicate your trading system when they just had to stop chasing the ideal and learn to accept the loss.

One element of the trading system towards better result can be an indicator. This is a software product which is in line with the given algorithm produces certain calculations and provides relevant results.

Forex Trading

The Tom DeMark sequential system Sequential or TD is the most popular indicator of Tom DeMark. It can be said that the TD Sequential is a trading strategy rather than a technical indicator.

The trading magnates used graphics from Bloomberg which incorporate the TD Sequential and many of them claim that this indicator has an impressive success rate in identifying and anticipating turning points in markets currencies, bonds, equities and commodities and it can also be used successfully in virtually any period, intraday much as daily, weekly or monthly.

Here are some features of TD Sequential:

TD Setup

The TD Setup, or pattern formation, is the shorter duration of TD Sequential. The entire pattern consists of 9 bars.

  • Possible buy signal: we prepare to enter purchase if registered nine consecutive bars where the closing price of each bar is less than the closing price of the previous bar quarter. If before reaching the ninth bar, there is a bar where it is not satisfied that the closure is less at the end of the fourth bar above the current standard that should be abandoned and we have to wait to begin a new Setup TD potential employer. This pattern is called “perfect” if the minimum number of bar 8 or 9 is smaller than the minimum bar 6 and the bar 7 (less than two).
  • Possible sell signal: The Setup TD pattern that leads to a sale arrangement is analogous to that described in the previous section. The pattern consists of 9 bars in which the closing price of each is higher than the closing price of the previous bar quarter. The TD Setup “perfect” for a sell signal occurs when the maximum price bar 8 or 9 is greater than the maximum of the bars 6 and 7. Like the case of purchase, if there is a bar or candlestick in which the closure is not greater than 4 candles close behind, the pattern should be abandoned and waiting to begin a new one.

Economic Indicator For The Trader

There are several famous and reputable services, but also expensive, to receive reports and economic data in record time. However, contrary to what many think, it is far from essential. There are numerous sites on the net that offer informations freely and publicly. Outstanding among them are Yahoo! Finance, MarketWatch and Forex Factory. These portals can be found well in advance the economic calendar and forecast economic indicators expected to be published and even we can read and learn about its meaning, and use historical data. It is also highly recommended to read the reports by the specialized press, for different economic indicators that we are interested in as they often include vision and forecasts about major market analysts.

Plan the Economic Calendar

Many of the economic indicators are published regularly every month and make an order relative to each other constantly. For example, the NFP is published on the first Friday of each month, the report of Supply Management by PMI Institute is published on the first business day of each month, etc. In addition, you can obtain the full month’s economic calendar in the aforementioned portals in time. Therefore, it is quite easy to make a reservation time for planning and certain days when we study the new information on the areas of the economy that we are interested in studying and economic indicators that interest us.

The economic forecast

Consider a more concrete example of the use of economic indicators in partnership with each other and in context.

Undoubtedly one of the most important indicators is the GDP (gross domestic product). GDP represents the production of the economy objects. The forecast of the growth rate of this indicator is placed beforehand in a range determined by the economic authorities of the country and when the indicator begins to fall below the expected growth range, traders and investors begin to feel the fear of a recession in the economy and this will be reflected in the markets.

Account To Zero

So you’ve left your account to zero? Probably, 90% of traders lose money in their first year of trading. But do not lose the illusions, I think even the most famous and respected traders have failed at some point and have hit bottom to return to the market and succeed.

Step 1: Accept

The first step on the road to return to work after the loss of the capital of an account is acceptance. Actually not be forced to accept the loss because nobody will pay it back.

Step 2: Study the past

Now that you have accepted the situation in a positive and constructive is time to face the reality of what you’ve done to lose your valuable money. You will have to answer for yourself the question “What have I done wrong?”. The answer to this question will be found in your daily trading.

Analyzing your trading journal, you will find the most common errors that lead to ruin. Do you still think that you were still trading strategy is suitable for you? Look at your diary and look trading you were doing to end your account to zero and you could think you’ve done differently.

Step 3: Return to Trading Demo Accounts

Back to operate in demo accounts can be frustrating, I know, it’s like a direct attack on the ego. But we are here to take care of our ego but our pocket. Practicing for greater security and confidence in our operations is not bad, so let the ego aside. In trading the ego is not our friend and that we try to humiliate the market often.

Step 4: Open a real account again

After operating in demo again, when you feel you are ready to return to trade with real money, contact a broker and open a new trading account with the amount of money you’re willing to lose: remember that capital trading is risk capital.

Fixed Lot Model

It is the simplest models of monetary management and to establish the number of lots to be put in each position regardless of changes that may occur to the balance sheet or the net value of your account, always operate with the same number of lots per position permanently. A money management model is also known as a fixed value.

The number of batches chosen should be determined based on the risk to take, which has been set in advance. Thus to say that it does not take into account what is happening in the market, unlike other money management models where the behavior of the market is taken into account to calculate the position size. For example, you have a $20,000 account and decide to operate with 0.2 lots (2 mini-lots) in each operation permanently, no matter that during the operation to alternate income, you continue operating with 0.2 lots.


It is easy to understand and follow due to the constant size of operations. It allows benefits to grow arithmetically. This is useful for example if the benefits are taken out of the account each month.


It keeps the size of the operations but change the balance of the account. This can lead to large draw downs because if losses are recorded successive increases the used leverage. If pursued efficient growth of the account, the money management model fixed lot is not the best as it depends solely on the number of winning trades. In relation to the above, using the fixed lot model makes loading the ratio of winning trades and continues to weigh heavily, which goes against the main objective of implementing monetary management techniques.

Trading In Binary

Consider the impact of this on the market and more specifically what these numbers mean for investors.

How to read the data affects employment in the market

The figure for nonfarm payrolls is published by the Department of Labor of the United States on the first Friday of each month. The result includes the total jobs created regardless agricultural jobs, because they are positions that are filled by seasons and serve as a reference.

Usually, when the numbers of forecasts exceed the U.S. dollar strengthens against other currencies. Whenever the employment numbers increase substantially, it will be seen as a sign of health of the U.S. economy, with a corresponding impact on the markets. And similarly, when reading these figures is below the forecasts of market experts, the U.S. Dollar is often inclined to reverse the trend: it will be devalued against other international currencies.

The result of non-farm payrolls in the U.S. is good economic indicator to consider in the short term, as measured by the time that the U.S. economy is going through. In fact, the forex market has huge fluctuations in the hours after the publication of this figure. Also keep in mind that the result of this data is very volatile and can vary greatly from month to month, so it is not easy to ascertain the trend.

Example of operating on nonfarm payrolls Binary Options

The binary options are financial instruments that are based on a contract on a particular proposition. The binary raise questions about whether an event will occur or not in a given time, with the only possible responses of ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. If the answer is ‘Yes’, the binary option closes at 100 and if ‘No’, it closes to 0.

Technical Indicators Help Traders

The formation and indicator tools of community market can be rationally explained in many cases very clearly and mainly in terms of human psychology, if we take into account that the lines on the charts create basically a huge crowd behavior, it can be in mass psychology derive many important moments on the graph, from which we can predict further direction of the crowd and therefore the market.

Formation and technical indicators are therefore the only possible clue (without taking into account fundamental analysis), based on which we can plan our business actions.

Therefore sure to remember:

You should never enter into any business, if you do not have signal of any technical indicator that you have analyzed.

If you enter into the market completely random, without balance, you are no trader, but only ordinary gambler. Leading and long-term earning traders enter the market just at the moment when they have as many chances on their side, when all possible technical formation and indicators clearly say that now we have a chance with a high probability that the market will go in the right direction – and therefore We also have the highest chance that our business will be more profitable than a loss.

There are at least dozens, but far more likely hundreds of different formations and indicators, under which thousands of traders around the world plan and carry out their business. Of course, it is the fact that each business system is so different that each one must find his specific analyzing tools with regard to their own individuality. One may meet only very basic technical formation observed with the naked eye, another may require a complex combination of moving averages and anyone can be pleasure in the mathematically based indicators such as stochastisc.